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Papasian Diamond Jewelry House - Unique jewelry made of gold and precious stones

About us

Papasian Diamond is a company based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, established by the graduate and licensed expert on diamond evaluations Mr. Yanko Papazyan.The main activity of the company is the trade with diamonds and all kinds of precious stones, as well as the production of jewelry of gold and platinum. The diamonds, as well as all the gems we offer, are of guaranteed origin and a certificate of quality. From our expert you can get a competent diamond consultation.

Papasian Diamond Jewelry House focuses on handmade unique made of gold and precious stones of the highest quality. We manufacture jewels on our models as well as on customer's idea. The uniqueness we create with the BRUTAL brand can be seen in our boutique, located in 11 Konstantin Irechek str. at the Djumaya's garden. The BRUTAL brand is a guarantee that the jewelry made and sold by us is absolutely unique, accompanied by the necessary documents and certificates for it. Each BRUTAL product is unique in the world.

The happiness already can be bought !

Each BRUTAL product is unique in the world!
Удостоверение за професионално обучениеУдостоверение за професионално обучение
Янко Папазян
Удостоверение за регистрация в МФ за Удостоверение за регистрация в МФ за
добиване, преработване и сделки с благородни метали и скъпоценни камъни
Сертификат от институт за диамантиСертификат от институт за диаманти
Янко Папазян
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15% off for all jewelery