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BRUTAL jewelery - Unique jewelery from Gold and Platinum - Bourse for diamonds and precious stones

Boutique jewelry with diamonds - Collection BRUTAL

Papasian Diamond Jewelry House offers only unique, luxurious designer jewelry decorated with diamonds and precious stones, jewelry designed for true connoisseurs.

Explore the site of our golden jewelry or visit the BRUTAL jeweler shop and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the gold jewelry with brilliants and other stones - only exquisite handmade rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, medallions, accessories. The live experience can't compare to anything else!

The BRUTAL brand is a guarantee that the jewelry made and sold by us is absolutely unique and is accompanied by the necessary documents and certificates for it. Every BRUTAL product is unique it self in the world!

Diamonds, as well as all precious stones, are of guaranteed origin and a certificate of quality. From our expert diamond appraiser - Yanko Papazyan, you can get competent advice about everything related to them.

15% off for all jewelery