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The zircon is a zircon silicate. Its name probably comes from the Arabic words zar - gold, gun - color. It contains impurities from iron, calcium, manganese, uranium, vanadium, hafnium, rare earth. Its hardness is 6.5-7.5.

Jewelers uses transparent, well-colored zircons. They have different names.

  • Hyacinth - red or brown zircon.
  • Jargon is other form of the word zircon. It has a deep yellow, straw-colored, fogy color. They call it another Siamese diamond.
  • Matara, matura diamond - colorless zircon.
  • Starlet (Star light) - sky - blue zircon with natural color. It can be obtained after thermochemical treatment of zircon.

There are also green and violet colored zircons. The zircon occurs as small crystals, rarely larger. Brightly colored zircons are brilliantly faceted, while those with saturated colors are gradually faceted. Semi-transparent zircon is treated as a cabochon.


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