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The history of the diamond start to be written since ancient times. Started five millennia ago, it is not yet complete. Rare, mysterious stone - a mascot in India (the Indians thought it was formed by the "five beginings of the nature" - land, water, sky, air and energy), a synonym for wealth and splendor all over the world, a valuable contemporary material for industry.
When we describing a diamond, many times we will use the definition of "the most" - the hardest, the most brilliant, the most sustainable, the most expensive, the brightest. Its unusual properties are the basis of many legends and beliefs. It is a symbol of hardness, courage, fearlessness, a symbol of victory too.

The name diamond comes from the Latin adiamenten, which is synonymous with the Greek adamas it means "invincible".
The diamond has a simple chemical composition - C (crystalline carbon). It is polymorphous modification of carbon, the other is graphite. Up to 4% can be present as impurities. Predominant forms are octahedrons, rhombic dodecahedron, cubes and their combinations.

The hardness of the Diamond on Moos is 10, but its absolute hardness exceeds the Corundum 150 times and the Quartz 1000 times.

This is used in making abrasive materials. The melting temperature of the Diamond is 3700-4000 C.
Diamond is a highly resistant mineral - it does not dissolve from acids and their mixtures, it does not react with bases too.
Diamonds are perfectly transparent, translucent and opaque, depending on the structure, the impurities, the inclusions, the density of their coloring. The color of diamonds is different - colorless and with different shades - sky blue, yellow, green, pink, red, brown, etc.

Color evaluation is done by an experienced specialist who has a reference collection available.

Some of the big diamonds have their own history, often associated with a lot of shed blood, human destinies, with a change at the history of entire peoples.


15% off for all jewelery