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The Tourmalines are a group of boron silicate minerals with a diverse composition. These are some of the most abounding in color variety precious stones. Their name comes from the singelezes word turmali - a stone that draw on an ash. The hardness of the tourmaline is 7-7.5.

The following varieties of tourmaline are distinguished by color:

  • Schorl - a black opaque variety,
  • Rubellite - its color is pink to red,
  • Dravite - yellowish-brown color,
  • Verdelite - its color is in different shades of green,
  • Indigolite - has different shades of blue. Its name comes from indigo-blue,
  • Siberite - saturated raspberry red, purple, red, red purple,
  • Achroite - a colorless or almost colorless variety,
  • Polychrome tourmalines - have a transversally striped or concentric zonality, whereby the coloration varies widely. The most common are green and pink coloring.

In processing of Tourmalines are used emerald, rarely brilliant or fantasy facets.
Large tourmaline crystals are rarely found.


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