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The name of the Topaz is derived from o. Topazos in the Red Sea, but there is a suggestion that his name comes from the Sanskrit mapas - fire. In Russia in the eighteenth century their yield started and are known as "Siberian diamonds".

In commerce the Topaz are often called Chrysolite, Saxon, Brazilian, Indian Topaz. The most appreciated are the sky-blue and wine-yellow Topaz. The Topaz has a glass shine and hardness 8.

In ancient Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt the topaz is considered a stone of the Scorpio. In nature there are large topaz crystals. At 1965, a topaz crystal with a mass greater than 100 kg was found in Ukraine. The famous topaz "Braganza" - 1640 carats, is incrustated in the crown of Portugal and for a long time it had been considered as a diamond.


15% off for all jewelery