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The emerald is one of the most beautiful and valuable precious stones at the ancient world. In terms of the price it ranks fourth after diamonds, ruby and pearl, but often some emeralds cost more than diamonds. He is the most precious of the Berylla group.

The name of the emerald comes from ancient times and undergoes many changes.

The most appreciated are those with a deep, saturated and uniform green color. The most transparent emeralds with no inclusions are those with the highest quality and the most expensive, but usually they have gases, gas-liquid and mineral inclusions, micro-cracks that lower the quality.

Transparent emeralds are faceted gradually, rectangular, emerald style, like a "checkered", less with brilliant cut. The octagonal gradual cut is used as a special emerald faceting style. Semi-transparent are processed as cabochons.

The Emeralds in the nature usually appear as small crystals, but sometimes larger specimens are found. In Bulgaria, emeralds are found in Rila mountain, but they have only mineralogical significance and are located in a nature conservation area. Hardness of emerald is 7.5-8, density - 2.6-2.9 g / cm.


15% off for all jewelery