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Sapphire - the blue variety of the corundum. At ancient times sapphires had been called all the stones colored in blue, lazurite, amazonite, spinel, zircon.

Today the sapphire is rare transparent jewelеry variety of the corundum with a different (except the ruby) color.

Usually the color of the sapphire is specifically indicated - green, yellow, pink, black, etc. The colorless are called leuco sapphire, and the orange-yellow padparadja (the lotus color). When it is called sapphire, it means only its blue variety.

The large sapphires are rarely found. Sapphires are usually combined with brilliants, platinum, gold and pearls. As most beautiful and expensive are known the Ceylon sapphires.

Sapphire as a price is in the top 5.


15% off for all jewelery