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The precious stones - they are the eternal flowers of the Earth.They excite our imagination with the harmony of the crystals, striking us with the brightness and diversity of colors, their properties and timeless beauty, the mystery of charging and their growth in the bosom of the Earth.

The world of stones is endless, it is like a book with a fascinating storyline, but with unsigned pages.
The book of nature is always open, it is always in front of our eyes, but it will never be completed as much as we read it.The knowledge of nature, which includes the world of stones, is endless. Тhe attraction of precious stones is great. They entry into the consciousness of men as pure and bright works of nature, decorate the existence of the man, they make him proud, joyful and optimistic.

Beauty, longevity, rarity, uniqueness, exclusivity - those are the basic qualities of precious stones."There are stones that don't reach some of these qualities, they are not precious, but that does not mean they can't be used for jewelry. Even if they aren't very beautiful those minerals and rocks, when they are being worked, after sanding they becomes an art pieces, we only need to learn how to see this beauty.

Since ancient times, stones have attracted people's attention. Knowledge about them is an integral part of the general course of social and scientific development. Even more, one of the factors that drives the development of mankind is the degree of utilization of the minerals, respectively of the stones.

Aquamarine Gemstone - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  Aquamarine is a clear light blue or greenish beryl, comparable to the color of tropical sea water. The names of these precious ...

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Alexandrite Gemstone - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  Alexandrite - a variety of chrysoberyl, with overflowing colors, depending on the type of lighting. At daylight it is emerald ...

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Amethyst Gemstone - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  The Amethyst is the most valuable, beautiful and attractive stone of the quartz group. The color of the precious stone can be ...

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Garnet Gemstone - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


Garnets are a group of minerals that crystallize in uniform shapes, have similar properties and a different color. The Garnets are red like ...

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Diamond - Jewelry House Papazyan Diamond


  The history of the diamond start to be written since ancient times. Started five millennia ago, it is not yet complete. Rare, ...

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Jadeite gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  Jadeite is a multi wedge pyroxene. Depending on the composition, the color of the stone changes - white, green, dark green, ...

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Moissanite Gemstone - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  Moissanite is naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs. It has the chemical formula SiC and is a ...

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Opal gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  The name of the opal comes from the ancient Sanskrit word upala - gemstone. Opal has been known and valued since ancient times. ...

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Pearls gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  Pearls are a mixture of aragonite - 82-96%, concholine (organic substance) - 3-13%, water - 3-4%, formed in the clam. The word ...

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Ruby gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  The name ruby is derived from the Latin rubeus - red. The color of the ruby varies in different shades of red. Often it is ...

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Sapphire gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  Sapphire - the blue variety of the corundum. At ancient times sapphires had been called all the stones colored in blue, lazurite, ...

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Emerald gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  The emerald is one of the most beautiful and valuable precious stones at the ancient world. In terms of the price it ranks fourth ...

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Tanzanite gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  Tanzanite was found in 1967 in Tanzania. It has a transparent, with a sapphire-blue, violet, greenish-bluish color. The hardness ...

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Topaz gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  The name of the Topaz is derived from o. Topazos in the Red Sea, but there is a suggestion that his name comes from the Sanskrit ...

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Tourmaline gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  The Tourmalines are a group of boron silicate minerals with a diverse composition. These are some of the most abounding in color ...

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Zircon gemstones - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House


  The zircon is a zircon silicate. Its name probably comes from the Arabic words zar - gold, gun - color. It contains impurities ...

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Citrine gemstones - Papasian Diamond Jewelry House


  The Citrine is a yellow, copper-yellow, golden-yellow variety of quartz. The name of this gem comes from the Latin citris - lemon. ...

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Spinel gemstones - Papasian Diamond Jewelry House


  Spinels are one the most deprived stones. At ancient times, they had been confused with ruby, because they exist together in the ...

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