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Pearls are a mixture of aragonite - 82-96%, concholine (organic substance) - 3-13%, water - 3-4%, formed in the clam. The word pearl comes from the Old French "perna" - the name of a large shell.

The formation of the pearls is associated with disturbing the normal life of the mussels. When a foreign body gets in - a grain of sand, a piece of shell, a small insect, the mussel starts to isolate it. A pearl bag is formed around the foreign body. On the inner surface is released mother of pearl in the form of spherical layers, made of thin plates aragonite, oriented perpendicular to the layers.

The color of the sea pearls is white, yellow, cream, pink, sky blue, red, black. It depends on the composition of sea water, the amount of organic impurities as well.

The hardness of the pearls is 3.5-4.5. The shape of the pearls is different - regular, spherical, hemispherical, elongated, dripping, irregular.

The jewelers measure the mass of pearls in grains. One grain is equal to 0.25 carats.

Since ancient times, the pearls have been used for expensive ornaments. The constantly growing demand for pearls has led to their artificial cultivation. Cultivated pearls are not imitation, but a native natural entity that originated with the help of man.


15% off for all jewelery