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The name of the opal comes from the ancient Sanskrit word upala - gemstone. Opal has been known and valued since ancient times. Planii writes "Of all the precious stones, it is the opal that has the greatest difficulty in describing it. Some of the Opales peculiarity are the game of light of the ruby, the violet shimmer of amethyst, the aquamarine tones of the emerald - all mixed together and shining with indescribable brightness.

The hardness of the opal is 5.5 - 6.5. Its coloring is due to impurities - iron, manganese, nickel and others. By the specifics of coloring and the optical effects there are existing a few different varieties of opales:

  • Hyalite - colorless, transparent opal
  • White opal - light, transparent with opalescent in light blue color
  • Black opal - black, dark violet, blue with opalescence. To those variations is relevant as well the Golden opal - yellow in color
  • Royal opal - the middle part of the stone is dark red or bronzed, surrounded by bright green stripes
  • Araskin (Eastern) opal - opalescent on a fiery background
  • Cat's eye - bright green concentric zonal coloring
  • Jirassal - blue or white with opalescent in red tones
  • Lehos Opal - green with opalescent in dark green and carmine colors.


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