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The name ruby is derived from the Latin rubeus - red. The color of the ruby varies in different shades of red. Often it is unevenly colored, spotty, sectoral, striped. It has a hardness of 9, a density of 3.97-4.05 g / cm, a glass shine, often separateness is observed, it has unequal to shell like fracture, it is a fragile.

Rubins are faceted with a gradation or combined, taking into account their bright shine and color. Typically the lower part is brilliantly faceted, and the upper part is made with gradation cut. Opaque stones with effects of asterism and cat's eye (with inclusions of rutile needles or small channels) are grinded like cabochons, and the cloudy ones and cracked - like beads or necklace balls. Large rubies occur less frequently than diamonds and are stored in large museums and state national collections.

Often the rubies, as well as the diamonds, have their own history. The largest jeweler ruby (400 carats) was found in Burma and subsequently split into three parts. The Rubin can be mistaken with red spinel, garnet, tourmaline, topaz.
As a price, ruby is in the top 5 of precious stones.


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