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Aquamarine is a clear light blue or greenish beryl, comparable to the color of tropical sea water. The names of these precious stones originate from the Latin words aqua - sea and mare - sea. The color of aquamarine changes from pale dove, sky blue to dark blue and depends on the presence of Fe2+, Fe3+. Diagnostic features are similar to those of emerald. The Aquamarine gem is faceted with a gradational, wedge-shaped, often oval-shaped.

The aquamarine stone can be mistaken with euclazus, kyanite, blue topaz, tourmaline, burned zircon, glass, synthetic spinel. Synthetic aquamarine are not produced. The coloring of aquamarine is resistant even on heating. Since ancient times the Aquamarine is considered as a stone of the sailors.

Large aquamarines are found in nature. In Bulgaria, these precious stones are found in Vistaritsa (Western Rhodopes), Ardin (Central Rhodope), Rila, but it has Mineralogical significance. Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5-8.


15% off for all jewelery