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Amethyst Gemstone - Papazyan Diamond Jewelry House



The Amethyst is the most valuable, beautiful and attractive stone of the quartz group. The color of the precious stone can be gently violet, dark violet to purple. Its name come from the Greek word amethystos - not intoxicated. It comes from the belief that amethyst protects against alcoholic intoxication. In order not to get drunk, you need to put a piece of amethyst under your tongue.

The Amethysts are differently colored: transparent and evenly colored - are faceted, those with inferior quality or darker ones as a cabochon. Often, the Amethysts are used in combinations with emeralds and diamonds in luxury jewelry or for making earrings, rings, cufflinks, boxes, vases and others.

Amethyst has been valuable since ancient times. Gems, cameоs and seals were made in ancient Rome and Greece. It symbolizes modesty and humility. In Bulgaria, Аmethysts are located in Madjarovo, South Pirin, Vitosha.


15% off for all jewelery