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Glamorous Set of Earrings and Pendant with Garnets and DiamondsGlamorous gold jewelry of earrings and pendant with Garnet stone and Diamonds - BRUTAL collection
Златни бижута с диаманти и гранатЗлатни бижута с диаманти и гранат
Бутикови бижута BRUTAL

Glamorous Set of Earrings and Pendant with Garnets and Diamonds

  18063.00   11740.95 BGN
Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

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Information about the set
material Gold - 585 14к
Weight 36.23 gr.
Diamonds 1.80 ct.
Color / Clarity G-SI1
Garnet stone 6.32 ct.

Stunning and glamorous earrings and pendant made of 14K white and yellow gold with a floral pattern of pear shaped Garnet 6.32 ct, suspended from a curved channel at the leafs of round shaped Diamonds 1.80 ct.

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