BRUTAL jewelery - Unique jewelery from Gold and Platinum - Bourse for diamonds and precious stones
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BRUTAL jewelery - Unique jewelery from Gold and Platinum - Bourse for diamonds and precious stones

Boutique jewelry with diamonds and precious stones

BRUTAL's boutique jewelry are luxurious fine jewelry made of solid gold, diamonds and precious stones of guaranteed origin and a certificate of quality. Papasian Diamond is a jewelry house in Bulgaria created by the graduate and licensed diamond appraisal expert Mr. Yanko Papazyan.

Explore yourself and make sure of the beauty and uniqueness of our gold jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants, medallions) and accessories inlaid with diamonds and natural gems. The BRUTAL brand is a guarantee that the jewelry made and sold by us is absolutely unique, accompanied by the necessary documents and certificates for it.

Each BRUTAL product is a work of art and is unique creation in the entire world!

Engagement rings
Astonishing engagement ring made with diamonds
9172.33 BGN

Gold 585, 4.84gr.
Yellow diamond 1.016ct.
White diamonds 0.63ct.

Годежен пръстен с нежен розов турмалин и брилянти
3735.00 BGN

Бяло злато 585 14к
Диаманти 0.33ct.
Турмалин розов 2.13ct.

Engagement Ring with Diamonds
730.40 BGN

Gold 585
Weight 2.18gr.
Diamonds 0.142ct.

Годежен златен пръстен
506.30 BGN

Злато 585 14к
Тегло 1.67гр.
Диаманти 0.456ct.

BRUTAL collection
Пръстен с турмалин
6401.79 BGN

Бяло злато 585 14к
Диаманти 0.73ct.
Турмалин 8.78ct.

Мъжки пръстен звезден сапфир
14407.14 BGN

Бяло злато 14к
Звезден сапфир 30ct.

Пръстен със син сапфир и диаманти
5507.88 BGN

Злато 585
Сапфир 2.85ct.
Диаманти 0.638ct.

Гривна и пръстен - комплект Янко
78948.77 BGN

Жълто злато

Papasian Diamond is a specialized company for trade in jewelry, diamonds and precious stones, but also offers competent advice on everything related to them. Our accumulated experience and collaboration with many diamond industry specialists and participants in international diamond exchanges allows you to choose a diamond on your criteria.

Our mission is to provide the best of the world of diamonds and jewelry. We offer only exquisite designer jewelry - gold jewelry with diamonds and precious stones.


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